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EDTC 6343 MTT Practicum

Page history last edited by maria Ing 9 years, 3 months ago

 EDTC 6343  Master Technology Teacher Practicum

Fall 2014  Dr. Butler

Maria Ing Project Page


Weekly Assignments

Week  Date  Assignment(s)  Links to work or Work Posted 
Week 1



  • Read through course materials for week
  • Complete all assignments for Week 1
  • Read test prep manual pages
  • Take Quiz on the MTT test

Post to class portal page

Zondle MTT quiz 

Week 2

Sep 1-7 
  • Meet in Collaborate
  • Complete (in class) and Post Concept Map for Case Study
  • Post Grant Idea Summary to wiki

Case Study Mind Map 

Grant Idea

Week 3

Sep 8-14     Case Study Mr. Haddad 

Week 4

Sep 15-21    

PPT Practice Test A 

Excel Practice Test A

Week 5


Sep 22-28     

Week 6


Sep 29-Oct 5 
  • Meet in Collaborate
  • Complete PowerPoint Skills Apps B  
PPT Practice B 

Week 7

Oct 6-12   

MTT Resources 

Excel Practice B

Week 8


Oct 13-19 
  • Meet in Collaborate
  • Grant Application Due 
Grant Application 

Week 9

Oct 20-26   

Case Study Mr. Gonzalez 


Week 10



Oct 27-

Nov 2

  • Meet in Collaborate to review
Week 11 

Nov 3-9  
  • Meet in Collaborate
  • Complete PowerPoint Skills Apps C &Excel Skills App C

Power Point C 

Excel C

Week 12

Nov 10-16 
  • Begin TEDEd lessons/flipped classroom

Week 12 


Nov 17-23 
  • Begin TEDEd lessons/flipped classroom

Week 13

Nov 24-30    Case Study C 

Week 14

Dec 1-7
  • Meet in Collaborate
  • Complete course evaluation
MTT Competency presentation

Week 15 


Dec 8-9
  • Meet in Collaborate (if needed)





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